Monday, August 2, 2010

Alexa Ranking

As we know, page rank is Google's View of importance of that page and it won't help for business, what about Alexa rankings. It is a tool that is used rank web site's traffic. And how far we can trust the Alexa rank to judge a web page. Whether the rankings given by them are based on the real traffic.

And i would say that like Google PR, we can neglect alexa rankings too. Those rankings are based on the users who were using Alexa tool bar. For that we won't need too much of traffic. Just install Alexa tool bar and reload a page regularly with the reload every Firefox addon. We can increase Alexa ranking with just two steps like this. And there are some other ways too.

Being in this Internet marketing field of nearly a year there are many conflicts about these rankings. Once there, its Google Page Rank. Many of the SEO people still giving much more importance for that. It's not even going to help the business at any level. Then the Alexa Ranking, for a site which is receiving say 1000s of visitors a day we can't say how many of the users used the alexa toolbar.

Many of the end users will not have the knowledge about these Alexa toolbar or rankings. Then how can we judge the web page's traffic with the Alexa rankings. And here after i will not consider about this Alexa ranking too. The Alexa rank and the page rank are only useful for the people who are going to sell a domain with better rankings.Just concentrate in Search Engine Rankings and get targeted traffic for this business.