Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tracking Your Blog Traffic

Tracking the traffic for a site or blog is an important one. We can get the idea where we want to improve where we have the market through the traffic analysis only. Most of us using Google Analytics or Stat Counter or some other tools.

Now Blogger itself has a inbuilt stats feature. It was effective from July 1, here is the Source just now came to know this. This is a needful feature with a blog.

To track your blog's stats visit Blogger in Draft. You can see the stats tab with the other tabs. Here i attach the screen shot.

Almost it have all the features of the Google Analytics. Start tracking using Blogger in Draft.


  1. Hi Arun, I think these stats are a big improvement for blogger. I learned a lot about my traffic and how people are finding me in Google search. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Ileane, for the extended support from BloggerLuv to Blogger.

  3. Wow i wasn't aware of that, gonna check this out. It will be really very helpful thanks for sharing bro.

  4. I have used Google analytics. But never experienced Stat Counter. Can anybody suggest me the benefit of Stat Counter.

  5. Just add the code of State Counter on your site as you do in Google Analytics. The benefit of it is that it shows the traffic of bot also.


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