Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tracking Your Blog Traffic

Tracking the traffic for a site or blog is an important one. We can get the idea where we want to improve where we have the market through the traffic analysis only. Most of us using Google Analytics or Stat Counter or some other tools.

Now Blogger itself has a inbuilt stats feature. It was effective from July 1, here is the Source just now came to know this. This is a needful feature with a blog.

To track your blog's stats visit Blogger in Draft. You can see the stats tab with the other tabs. Here i attach the screen shot.

Almost it have all the features of the Google Analytics. Start tracking using Blogger in Draft.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Social Media For Business

The evolution of Social Media and Social Networking Sites or the Web 2.0 sites makes the online marketing simpler. The targeted traffic has been easily driven to the sites with the help of these sites. Through these sites we can easily get connected to the customers. Even if every tweet does not return to a sale it helps to build the relationship with the people and lets to know about what they are expecting and so on.

It can create a brand awareness/market for your business which can generate lead for your business.Besides your competitors already using Social media you can follow them, what your competitors are saying about their product you can find ways to differentiate from them easily.

With the right content your posts in these sites have the potential to spread it out quickly. It can also hurt your brand, so be careful with the content.

Social Media builds credibility for your business.Try using it to create a postive perception about your brand. Track regularly to see what the competitors or others saying about you. Apart from all the other advantages social media is a affordable one, its cost effective. Giving our quality and focused posts about you will help to establish as an authority in your field.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Google Getting Better and Better

Have you noticed this. When you are searching for a keyword Google shows the other relative keywords in its left corner below the search tools.

In this screenshot, when we search for Ecommerce Solutions we can get the other suggestions like website design, website development and more. And in the following Screenshot

when we search for SEO services we can get the other suggestions like PPC Management, Search Engine Optimization and more.

Usually it shows other keyword suggestions related to the keyword down the SERP.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Traffic from Stumbleupon

Traffic - the word that every optimizers working for. Now there are so many easiest ways to gain traffic for a site through PPC Campaigns. However we want some more money on those campaigns than a SEO campaign. The usage of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook also driving some traffic for the site.

How about this site - Stumbleupon. Another Social Networking Site which can provide better traffic next to Search Engines. But, what makes me confusing is, the page views shown in Stumbleupon profile is much more differ than the traffic shown in Analytics. The Stumbleupon shows views in hundreds and thousands. Whereas the analytics shows only tens and units. It's acceptable if the difference is marginal since it may shows every single page load. But there won't be a huge difference like this.

The URL shortener of Stumbleupon -, comes with the description Drive more traffic with short urls, whether Stumbleupon too showing fake views as the other URL shorteners doing. Its still confusing.

You can check this with My Stumbleupon Profile itself. Check that with the site ZS Cart, in my profile its showing 704 views(on 6th July '10) but in analytics it shows the overall traffic from Stumbleupon is just 54. Such a huge difference.